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Entrepreneurs have the ability to see opportunity where others see challenges.

The challenge for too many Entrepreneurs is that they see too many opportunities. Actually most Entrepreneurs see an ocean of opportunities and rarely a slow winding brook.

Successful business is the process of taking one step and then another, and then another. Ultimately the successful Entrepreneur creates momentum and hopefully the strong winds are at their back and no longer in their face.

Many Entrepreneurs describe their company as a ten year overnight success. Methodically and daily they follow their dream, acquire the next customer, launch the next product, and they cover the weekly payroll. One day to their amazement a business broker or potential acquirer appears and places a hopefully absurd value to their Entrepreneurial vision.

Our business development process begins by our posing a series of questions to the Entrepreneur and their management team. Most important is that they describe their vision. The hill that they want to conquer or the ocean that they want to cross. For many the goal is often a lifestyle rather than a defined financial value.

The reality is that the lifestyle does require a level of financial success.

Our process and questions help us to define a series of logical and prioritized steps towards the goal of achieving, within a specified time horizon, the Entrepreneurial vision. We Focus on the goal and build a logical and sequential

Prioritization of operational and staffing requirements

We also ask the Entrepreneur to expand their vision and to consider the acquisition of a competitor or new strategic product offering. Acquisitions often help to accomplish speed to market and mystical formula of 1 + 1 = 3 (Together we are better and worth more).

All planning considers operating cash flow. We include in the process evaluation of operating margins, overhead costs, working capital and product development funding requirements. Paralleling our determination to achieve the Entrepreneurs long term Focused vision, we maintain a diligent view to planning for a company’s continued liquidity and financial solvency.

If the timing of market opportunity and expansion exceed projected operating profits we help the Entrepreneur evaluate their temperament for either Debt of Equity capital raises and their tolerance for risk.

We teach the process of achieving Entrepreneurial focus in both our on-line and classroom workshops. Individual strategic planning sessions are available by scheduling a session with one of our experienced financial management team members. As new opportunities arise and companies adapt to changing conditions regular quarterly planning sessions create stability, enhance communication, and assure continued Focus.