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The expression “Getting your House in Order” applies to Entrepreneurs. Of equal importance would be the expression “Keeping your House in Order.”

Results have shown that Entrepreneurs who are organized have a higher likelihood to succeed. Organization for company founders begins by the acknowledgement of their personal strengths followed by the recruitment of others to surround and compliment them and who help to  fulfill the operational requirements of the company.

Organization creates a sense of control and a peace of mind for the Entrepreneur, and which ultimately transcends throughout their organizations.

Successful organization skills are depended upon the establishment of routines.  Whatever system an individual chooses to prioritize, plan, schedule, and report must be performed on a regular repetitive basis.  Whether using index cards or a mobile application that we can recommend we suggest scheduling time with yourself to update your planning tool.

The GetSuccessful process emphasizes strategic planning, but also recommends an equal balance with routine record keeping and analysis.  We can help Entrepreneurs select an accounting system and also train them in the design and ongoing utilization to support their budgeting and reporting process.

The lack of timely and accurate accounting has been sited as the primary cause of many company failures.  Payroll and income tax fiiings, reporting to current lenders and investors, and the timely sourcing of working capital depend upon effective accounting processes.  Attend our classes or contact our advisors to discuss your individual needs and current accounting capabilities.

Creating and maintaining organization in your company relates to a number of additional operational and administrative areas.  Systematic planning and ongoing record keeping for human resource, legal, and workplace safety are vital elements to maintain a controlled business environment.

There will always be the unplanned events in the Entrepreneurial journey.  GetSuccessful, Inc is dedicated to helping founders plan proactively and to identify the resources to assure that calm is the normal for our members.