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Category Archives: Process

Find your one number – planning for success series

After working with hundreds of Entrepreneurs over the years I have determined that the ones that can boil a business down to one number that they track usually achieve amazing results. They find over time that the bottom line number is a direct correlation to some operational indicator. For a restauranteur the number of meals served. ...
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Is it a Business or a Hobby?

Your Lifestyle – Your Business:  Why separate: Doing what you enjoy and making a living (or a fortune) at it.  It’s more than an Entrepreneur myth.  Many have accomplished it. Food brands and restaurant dynasties have been built on an individual’s love of cooking or a family recipe.  Clothing sales representatives have turned their sense of style...
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Move the needle

Entrepreneurship is a balance of enthusiasm, sleepless nights, challenges, and rewards. A regular budgeting process performed quarterly with monthly updates helps Entrepreneurs and their teams maintain focus, while also providing a structured opportunity to adjust priorities. Too often the "shiny penny" opportunity appears and the team can be distracted from their established goals. Establishing financial metrics, specifically valuation...
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Be focued about your target

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