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Welcome to getSuccessful

Entrepreneurs share very common characteristics.  They are optimists.  Where others see a problem, they see the opportunity to find a solution. They are driven, self-motivated, and goal oriented.

Entrepreneurs are often also challenged by many of the characteristics that define them.  They do not see just one opportunity, they often see many.

GetSuccessful is based upon the concept that first you design and then you build.  We emphasize strategic planning to help direct and improve operational execution. We provide templates to assist teams with prioritization, budgeting, and cash management.  Our goal is to help Entrepreneurs not let their dreams outrun their cash flow. We are dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs maintain control of their enterprises and to fulfill and to often exceed their vision for success.

To accomplish our methodology, we provide a four step process which Entrepreneurs and their teams can follow on their own or with the support of our educational resources, templates, and network of advisers.

Our technology platform is comprised of a series of content specific websites linked by a common database and single sign in access.  The site provides Entrepreneurs with a starting point and guidance through our process.  Many of our membership features and core resources are free.

Business growth often demands the timely infusion of outside capital. Our platform helps prepare and present our member Enterprises to our network of both lending and equity funding sources.

We look forward to you joining our community and to helping you on your successful Entrepreneurial journey.  Registration is free.

Thank you,

The getSuccessful Team